Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Terrific talents

A note from Mrs Guy:
This term has gone so fast. We have had a great time in Room 30, getting to know each other and discovering our own and others' gifts and talents. We all enjoyed our Terrifically Talented Tuesday, where contestants from each middle school class competed in a range of fun events, to showcase unusual talents. I hope you all enjoy a great Easter break. See you next term!

View our video below to see how the afternoon went...

Room 30's thoughts on Term One in Room 30 as Year 4 students:

Shelby: Terrifically Talented Tuesday, going to Lake Pupuke, creating a name Wordle and going on our e-learning wiki!
Mohammed: Competing in Terrifically Talented Tuesday
Jack: Technology was cool
Amy: Our Lake Pupuke Trip and doing art
Mackenzie: our self portraits and our colour wheels
Lucca: being able to show my class my karate skills and being the Year 4 skipping champion
Ashleigh: Stu Duval visiting and our I Am poems, and.... art!
Aileen: Doing some of the activities on the middle school wiki
James: Winning the medal in the Terrifically Talented Tuesday skipping contest
Rebecca: Terrifically Talented Tuesday and winning a medal, and having a great teacher ( I did not make her write that!). Doing technology
Oliver: Lake Pupuke, meeting other students, having a new teacher, our class blog, and getting a certificate at assembly
Stella: The art that we did and going to Lake Pupuke
Heather: Maths, art, Bible, having a new teacher
Aleisha: Sketching our friends and writing, suing alliteration, painting the colour wheel
Taran: Terrifically Talented Tuesday and the Birkenhead Leisure Centre trip
Kenta: Describing and writing our What's in the Box? poem
Chloe: Having a nice new teacher
Nathan: Going to Lake Pupuke, sharing my gifts and talents
John: Our trip to Lake Pupuke, doing maths with the teacher and playing Multi-dice
(Some students were not present in class while this was being done)

Anosh: Looking at the blog and watching the slideshows

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Week 8!

Wow, what a week in Room 30! We have done lots of things this week, including art! We learnt painting skills. Mrs Guy gave each group red, blue, and yellow paint. They are called primary colours. Then she gave us a our own palettes to put some of the primary colours on. Next, we were given blank colour wheels. We painted yellow slowly and carefully. After that, we painted red, and then blue. We also mixed the primary colours to make secondary colours, orange, purple and green! We thought this week was brilliant!

We will tell you about the pool party next week!

Week 8's certificate goes to...

Written by Jenny and Mary

Thursday, March 18, 2010

A Busy Week 7!

Welcome to Week 7 in Room 30! We have done lots of things this week.

We have been drawing self portraits with our sketching pencils to practice our sketching skills. All we needed was our pencil, our self and our image in our head. See our photos below to check out our artwork!
Click to play this Smilebox slideshow: Self Portraits
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We also have been doing some creative writing, imagining 'What's in the box'? We were shown a cardboard box and had to think of wacky things that could be in it! We learnt what alliteration is. Alliteration is two or more words with the same starting letter used next to each other in a sentence, like 'slimy slithery slugs'.

We had our parent interviews on Thursday, it was a wonderful half day with our teacher!

We had our 3rd bible session on Thursday as well.

Our teacher took some photos of us Managing Self, one of the 5 Key Competencies.

We also did 'ash' for Chunk Check Cheer!
Amy got the star of the week in Room 30 for getting her certificate!

Well that's Week 7 in Room 30. Thank you for reading our blog, please leave us a comment!

Check out our slideshow of gifts and talents being shared in Room 30 for news!

Written by John and Mohammed

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Week 6 in Room 30

Week 6 whizzed by in Room 30. One of the essential things that happened in Room 30 was... techonology! We made wooden frames and learnt how to saw, drill, carve and use an electric screwdriver. On the first day of technology we had to saw our wood, some of the quickest sawers were Ashleigh, Nathan, Rebecca and Oliver. They had to make bonus pieces. The next day... guess what? Technology again! But at the end of this day, we adorned our frames.

Last Friday John got a certificate at assembly for using his initiative and helping others, and he also earnt his gold card! Sophia earnt this week's certificate for Room 30.
Note: See the photo below to see our fabulous certificate recipients for 2010 so far! (Mrs Guy)

Written by Akshaya and Ashleigh